The Easton Van


Seat 4 / Sleep 6

The Easton Van has it all! Seating with belts for 4 people, plus 8 more in the rear benches (18 or older) unbelted. Not only that but you can sleep 6 people with 2 on the elevator bed, 2 in the pop top, and 2 on the queen-size bench to bed! With a huge battery bank, high-efficiency AC, Guzzle H20 water filter, and big meaty tires, you can get where you want to go and stay as long as you want. 

  • Inhabit Designs Removable Floor Mats
  • Power Actuated Hidden Espresso Maker
  • Isotherm 130L Fridge
  • POWER: 600AH Victron 12V System with secondary Nations Alternator & 3200W Inverter
  • COOLING: 12V Air Conditioning
  • HEATING: Timberline heat & hot water(diesel fired)
  • WATER: 20 Gallons of Fresh Water & 11 Gallons of Gray + Interior & Exterior Shower
  • PERFORMANCE: Pedal Box Instant Tune(doesn't void warranty)
  • SUSPENSION: Van Compass 4.3 Suspension + ARB Air Compressor + 31" Tires & Black Rhino Wheels
  • TannerRack Safari Rack
  • Fly Rod Holder
  • AMP Research Auto Running Boards
  • Backwoods Adventure Mods Bumber
  • Warn Synthetic Winch
  • Owl Vans Rear Box & Bike Rack
  • Backwoods Rear Bumber
  • Fiamma Automatic Awning