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As a child growing up with three sisters and hardworking parents with humble occupations, we never had the money to fly. That being the case, we were always on road trips in our old station wagon, with family in California, Colorado, and Arkansas. I never knew I would end up catalyzing the adventures of so many people by opening Overland Van Project!

It wasn’t my dream to open a van conversion business, nor did I know that it was even a thing. I wanted to design buildings, so I went to school for Civil Engineering thinking that would get me where I needed to go. But, just as many others have found out the hard way, guidance counselors are typically useless and don’t actually know how to help you get anywhere you want to go. But thanks to them and a few twists and turns along the way, I went from environmental engineering to commercial project management, to designing and constructing micro-buildings - the inside of vans, for a vast array of amazing clients!

 Overland Van Project is a bespoke camper van builder utilizing intuitive layouts and innovative designs. Our builds promise comfort and versatility using only the highest quality materials and building methods, so you can stay focused on the adventure at hand. With both Fully-Custom and Semi-Custom layouts, you can have everything you need without compromise. An Experience Investment.

Thank you for all of your support. Your #VanLife Awaits.

DUSTIN SAUER - Chief Exploration Officer