Seat 2 / Sleep 2

We love the two-tone color scheme in this van because it makes it feel like you have different rooms in only 60 square feet. The white cabinetry of the "Living room," a C-shape formed by the closet, upper cabinet, and bench seat; contrasts with the darker cabinets of the kitchen. With the murphy bed up, it feels as spacious as a New York condo! 

  • Two Tone Cabinetry
  • 6.6KW 48V Battery Bank
  • Custom Window Covers
  • POWER: 6.6KW 48V Battery Bank, 7KW Alternator & 3200W Inverter
  • COOLING: Maxxair Vent
  • HEATING: Timberline heat & hot water(diesel fired)
  • WATER: 20 Gallons of Fresh Water & 11 Gallons of Gray + Interior & Exterior Shower
  • PERFORMANCE: Pedal Box Instant Tune
  • Flatline Safari Rack
  • Aluminess Ladder and Surf hooks
  • Sumo Springs
  • 31" Tires & Black Rhino Wheels