Seat 2 / Sleep 2

This semi-custom Rainier buildout is bright and warm with a color scheme is like an oasis whenever you need it. With heated floors and AC, It doesn't matter if you are in the desert or on the mountain, you have everything you could ever need. The Rainier layout has ample storage without sacrificing the open concept. It still has a stealthy toilet and shower so whether you are going on a weekend trip or a 1 year sabbatical, you won't be without the comforts of home. 

  • Homey Modern Color Scheme
  • Interior Convertible Shower
  • Recessed Cooktop
  • POWER: 800AH Victron Power Battery Bank with second Nations Alternator
  • COOLING: Nomadic Cooling 3000 AC
  • HEATING: Aqua Hot heat & hot water(diesel fired)
  • Water: 30 Gallons of Fresh Water & 11 Gallons of Gray + Interior & Exterior Shower
  • Flatline Van Co Rack
  • Vanspeed Capsules
  • Backwoods Nomad Bumper
  • Sumo Springs
  • 31.5" AT Tires