Seat 5 / Sleep 5

Katy Robin and her family of four often have their young cousin tagging along on their trips. So we met their requirement for an optional fifth DOT-rated seat, by moving to the Wy’East Layout rather than the traditional Mazama.

The JMG seats are completely removable from the inside without crawling under the van so if you are going on a trip with fewer people just pull out the extra seats and bring more gear!

  • Boho Color Scheme
  • Removeable Seats
  • Lower Eight Person Dinette
  • Double Bunks
  • POWER: 800AH Battery Bank with second Nations Alternator
  • COOLING: Nomadic Cooling Air Conditioner
  • HEATING: Aqua Hot Het & Hot Water (diesel fired)
  • WATER: 30 Gallons of Fresh Water & 11 Gallons of Gray + Exterior Shower
  • Roambuilt Roofrack, Ladder, and Running Boards
  • Backwoods Nomad Bumper
  • Van Compass 4.3 Kit
  • 31.5" AT Tires & Black Rhino Wheels