Seat 2 / Sleep 2

This marketing van for Inhabit Designs can be found at all the shows across the US. The beauty of this neutral color scheme is that he can change the floor mats, couch slipcovers, and bedding and it feels like a completely different van in a matter of minutes!

  • Rich Bamboo cabinet faces
  • Pendleton Blanket Slip Covers
  • Richlite/Bamboo Countertops
  • POWER: 400AH Victron 12V System and 3000W inverter
  • COOLING: 2x Maxxair Vents
  • HEATING: Timberline heat & hot water(diesel fired)
  • Water: 20 Gallons of Fresh Water & 11 Gallons of Gray + Interior and Exterior Shower
  • PERFORMANCE: Pedal Box Instant Tune
  • SUSPENSION: Van Compass 4.3 Suspension + ARB Air Compressor + 31" Tires & Black Rhino Wheels
  • Roambuilt Safari Rack, Ladder, and Running Boards
  • Owl Vans Sherpas Both Sides
  • VC Hidden Winch and Light Mounts
  • LP6 Baja Designs Mounts
  • Hood Mounted Rigid Ditch Lights