Seat 4 / Sleep 4

This Mazama is interesting because the grandkids will only be along for the ride part-time. The JMG seats are removable and you can swap in a bench in their place to create a on demand Shasta layout! Two for one anyone?

  • Warm Bamboo Door Faces
  • Interchangable Components
  • Interior Stainless Shower
  • Murphy Bed
  • POWER: 10KWH Battery Bank with second Nations Alternator
  • COOLING: 13K BTU Air Conditioner
  • HEATING: Timberline heat & hot water(diesel fired)
  • WATER: 30 Gallons of Fresh Water & 11 Gallons of Gray + Interior & Exterior Shower
  • Roambuilt Roofrack, Ladder, and Running Boards
  • Backwoods Nomad Bumper
  • Van Compass 4.3 Kit
  • 31.5" AT Tires & Black Rhino Wheels