The Best Way to Expand Your Space #LevelUp

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ATEK is a young and innovative company revolutionizing products for the camper van world.

This product features an aerodynamic design that adapts perfectly to the lines of the sprinter, becoming one with it.


  • The top incorporates a flat portion for the placement of a skylight or vent and another very large flat part for the placement of a rigid solar panel that remains integrated to avoid noise produced by the wind.
  • The spoiler attaches all the way down to the windshield to achieve the most aerodynamic line.
  • The canvas is designed to be completely unzipped from the top to turn your Atek into a patio. Use it for rooftop photos or zip up the walls with three integrated mosquito nets when the bugs come out.
  • Carbon Fiber options for bed extensions and Pop-Tops are the best in the business!

Ready to Level Up?